So I'm a girl driving in the car with my father and...

Dad:So today I was studying some anatomy...
Me:You were looking at boobs?
Dad:What? No! I was looking at some back muscles and knee joints and things.
Me:So you weren't looking at boobs?
Dad:No! ...You used to like boobs [as in when I was a baby]
Me:I still like boobs
Dad:Wait, you do?
Me:Yeah, don't you? They're soft and squishy? What's not to like about them?
Dad:Hm, well that's not conducive to my getting any grandkids.
Me:Don't worry; I like not-boobs too. You can still become a grandpa.
Dad:Well I won't become anything if you crash the car and kill us.
Me:You'll become a corpse...